Hispaniola Beach: Luxury Ocean Front Condos in Sosua, Dominican Republic For Sale

Beachfront Condos in Sosua for sale


Hispaniola Beach oceanfront condominiums
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Beachfront condos at Playa Imbert, Sosua, Dominican Republic


Hispaniola Beach - oceanfront condos

These apartments have been designed to offer all the amenities one could wish for, in addition to their perfect location. They boast wonderful Victorian-style architecture on the outside, gardens and palm trees, and an innovative modern style combined with luxurious details on the inside.

Two to three spacious bedrooms with their bathrooms, including Jacuzzis, and lovely details offer the utmost comfort, in addition to a wonderful view of the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean from their balconies.

Hispaniola Beach - oceanfront condos
Hispaniola Beach - oceanfront condos

All the interiors have been decorated to create a feeling of harmony and peace that matches this heavenly location, by using delicate and soft colors in the private areas, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, and warm colors in the social areas, such as the living-room, the dining-room/kitchen, etc., while glamorous and environmentally beautiful details contrast with a décor that matches the setting and adds intimate and elegant touches.

A very attractive kitchen invites you to enjoy pleasant company, due to its breakfast area which becomes the focal point of the whole apartment. Its utensils, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, range hood and stainless steel equipment have been specially chosen to ensure practicality and quality.

The living-room, kitchen/breakfast area, the balconies and terraces maintain unity and variety in the large and spacious areas.

Hispaniola Beach - oceanfront condos

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