December 1, 2020

Holiday Traditions in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Holiday Traditions

The Magic of the holiday season is upon us with a festive and special time, bringing magic to be shared and enjoyed in this lovely tropical paradise. Christmas is a major holiday in the Dominican Republic and elaborate light displays can be found throughout the island, in outdoor parks which provide a gathering place to enjoy time together.

Christmas Eve in the Dominican Republic is known as La Noche Buena (the “Good Night”). On La Noche Buena, Dominicans often gather for a big family feast, with traditional food and drinks, and beloved Christmas music and of course, dancing.

Three Kings Day is celebrated in the Dominican Republic as well, and commemorates the day (according to the Bible) that the three wise men visited baby Jesus after travelling across the desert for twelve days, and bringing him prophetic gifts. Three Kings Day is the prominent gift-giving holiday in the DR.

Christmas is a time to give and therefore it is also a Dominican tradition to exchange “Angelitos” between friends, co-workers and family – a tradition we know as “Secret Santa.”

One of the main and most special Christmas traditions in the Dominican Republic is the Christmas Eve Dinner, celebrated with homemade Dominican food. Although some ingredients tend to vary within different regions.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with festive parties and a countdown to midnight. Reunion feasts and large meals with friends and family for Christmas and New Years are the main activities for the holidays. Food such as roast chicken and pork are often served, along with traditional holiday items such as Pasteles en Hoja. Rum, wine and Mamajuana are served with dinner, with plenty of sweets for dessert.

This is how we celebrate Christmas in the Dominican Republic! Feliz Navidad.

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