June 21, 2021

Tourism Remains Strong in the Dominican Republic

Tourism is Strong in the Dominican Republic

Travelers are vacationing in the Dominican Republican in increasing numbers, and are receiving a warm reception. “As people return to travel, socially distant activities taking place in our beautiful, big open National Parks and long beaches are particularly appealing. It’s also a very safe and welcoming country, which is always a key consideration for travelers,” says David Collado, Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.

In fact, the Dominican Republic has the highest rate of visitors than the rest of its Caribbean-island neighbors. As a result of stringent safety measures and an effective vaccination plan, hotel occupancy has increased to 70 percent, further solidifying the Dominican Republic as a world example of tourism recovery amidst the pandemic.

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Dominican Republic Vaccination Plan

A COVID-19 vaccination plan is currently underway and the country aims to vaccinate 7.8 million adults (out of a population of 10.8 million) by the end of 2021. The Dominican Republic is only behind Chile, USA, Uruguay, and Canada in vaccinated per 100,000 inhabitants. The government aspires to maintain a pace of 100,000+ vaccinations a day.

100% of the Tourism sector personnel (hotels, airports, restaurants, transportation, etc.) have been vaccinated. All our personnel in guest services at Hispaniola Real Estate has been vaccinated.

New Travel Requirements – Mandatory E-Ticket, Airport Procedures

All foreign and Dominican passengers entering or leaving the Dominican Republic on commercial flights must complete the electronic entry and exit form, which combines the Traveler’s Health Affidavit, Customs Declaration, and International Embarkation/Disembarkation forms. The form is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian and can be accessed through this link.

Entry Requirements: Airports and other ports of entry will randomly select passengers to perform quick, aleatory breath tests to between 3% and 15% of arrivals, and to anyone that may present symptoms of COVID-19. Passengers under the age of five and crew members are exempt from this procedure.

Passengers who present a vaccination card and/or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in the Dominican Republic will be exempted from the random test.

All passengers will need to perform a temperature check. Passengers who present symptoms or whose test results are positive will be isolated and attended at authorized locations. Prior to departure, travelers should confirm with their airline provider and airport of origin regarding any testing or other related requirements for inbound flights to the Dominican Republic, or necessary requirements needed upon arrival to their country of origin.

The Dominican Republic Health Protocols

The well-being and safety of visitors remain a priority, and the Ministry of Tourism will continue to work in coordination with the other relevant authorities to further strengthen the country’s preventive measures against coronavirus. The Dominican Republic has a robust health care system that has been able to quickly detect cases of COVID-19 in the country, and testing is readily available. For more information visit this website.

Masks in Indoor Public Spaces

It is mandatory to keep social distancing and to wear face masks in all public spaces, such as banks, supermarkets, and offices, among others.

Large events and public gatherings are currently not permitted, and some restrictions on restaurant capacity are applied.

COVID-19 Testing

Regarding Covid-19 testing in the Dominican Republic, private labs have special facilities for those requiring results in time for travel abroad. Results of PCR tests can be had in 24 hours for those presenting a valid airline ticket at Referencia Lab branches in Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, La Romana, and Punta Cana. Antigen test results can be had in three hours at Referencia and Amadita labs in the same locations. Nevertheless, travelers are recommended to make plans with extra time. PCR test results are usually given in 24 hours or less online.

Vacation in an Outdoor Paradise

The numerous beaches, watersports, and leisure activities available are plentiful in the Dominican Republic. Warm, sunny weather allows for spending time outdoors in the fresh air, enjoying your vacation in our tropical paradise.

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