November 1, 2020

Tropical Vacations You Can Take Now

Socially distant travel: Safe Vacations during COVID-19

In considering whether or not to travel this year, the main factors to consider are the likelihood you'll encounter other people, the number and length of such encounters, and whether the location and region are experiencing high rates of infection.

Vacation rentals are a preferred choice over hotels since they come with fewer person-to-person interactions.While hotels are working diligently to keep their spaces clean and sanitized, private home renatals provide a huge advantage given that the renter is generally the only one occupying the property.

If you heed expert advice, take necessary precautions, and make informed decisions led by CDC and WHO guidance, you will be able to explore the world again and enjoy a much needed holiday.


Considering the Dominican Republic as a vacation destination is a fitting option with the multitude of outdoor activities, and a vast array of beaches and solo watersport activities available. Staying in socially-distant-friendly lodging, and reducing the need for long-distance international flights is another bonus.

We look forward to welcoming you again when the time is your right for your next vacation.

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